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How is used?

Jump Around! is a collection of material, not necessarily read in order from front to back. Rather, on any given day, you may have need for material related to a specific subject. So ... Jump Around! Find what is most useful to you. This collection of material is aimed at assisting creative types, technologists, inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs with making something new and better.

An Innovation is Something New and Better
Something: a product, service, process, methods, concept, venture
New: not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time for this particular market segment
Better: exceptional, improved, superior, preferred
The Innovation Process: Competitive Creativity ... making something new and better than the competition!

Need some help with getting your creative juices flowing: try clicking on "Creativity" in the index on the home page ... it will bring up a collection of material that may help loosen up that brain-block. Or perhaps you need some guidance for creating a plan for your new venture. Try the "Planning" link.

There are well over 100 categories of material on ... have at it!

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Jump Around!

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