Tips for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

  1. Be passionate about everything you do.
  2. Proactively seek new opportunities.
  3. Stay alert.
  4. Look for ways to profit from change and disruption.
  5. Look for ways to create better business models.
  6. Pursue opportunities with discipline, not emotion.
  7. Don’t just talk, act!
  8. Maintain a collection of potential opportunities and ideas.
  9. Focus on quality opportunities, not quantity.
  10. Invest your time, energy, and money only if the opportunity is truly attractive and feasible.
  11. Don’t dilute your efforts.
  12. Beware of analysis paralysis ... don’t just think about doing it, do it!
  13. Adapt when needed, but don’t lose your true vision.
  14. Don’t try to do it alone ... engage everyone on your team, your partners, your suppliers, your customers.
  15. Build a strong network of relationships.
  16. Make sure everyone wins ... your partners, your employees, your investors, your customers.
  17. Earn a profit solving customer problems better than the competition.
[Thank you, Rita Gunther McGrath and Ian MacMillan]