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Creativity can exist in a vacuum, so to speak. It doesn't matter what anyone else has done, we can all be creative all by ourselves ... alone ... in a vacuum. Whatever else exists doesn't really matter.

Innovation, however, is a highly competitive form of creativity. An innovation is something new and  better than the competition. An innovation has the light shining on it ... whatever else exists DOES matter.

When you see "Innovation", think "Competitive Creativity"! is a collection of tips, tools, and rules of thumb for innovators and entrepreneurs.

Innovation has a revolutionary reputation but an evolutionary reality.

Innovation begins with a question that needs a better answer or a problem that must be solved in a way that is better than what is currently available.

Answering questions or solving problems in new and better ways requires a good hit of creative thinking, ways of seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, touching, perceiving, conceiving something that doesn't exist, but should!

The innovation process is competitive creativity with an objective of creating something (a product, service, process, method, market space, business model ... ) that is certainly new and clearly better.

Innovators create something new and better, entrepreneurs put that something new and better to work!

This website contains a variety (but nowhere near all!) of the material that I used over the 25+ years I taught innovation and entrepreneurship classes in the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona and as a guest speaker at various other institutions and organizations. Sorry, some of the material is kind of "rough around the edges" ... it made more sense when it was on a big screen and me explaining it. But ... it's here anyway!

Hope you find it useful!

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