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Tips for Building a Good Corporate Culture

  1. Give every member of your organization a chance to dream, and tap into the creativity those dreams embody.
  2. Stand firm on your beliefs and principles.
  3. Treat your customers like guests.
  4. Support, empower, and reward employees.
  5. Build long-term relationships with key suppliers and partners.
  6. Dare to take calculated risks in order to bring innovative ideas to fruition.
  7. Train extensively and constantly reinforce the company's culture.
  8. Align long-term vision with short-term execution.
  9. Use the storyboarding technique to solve planning and communication problems.
  10. Pay close attention to detail.
[Thank you, Walt Disney]

Principles of a Performance-based Culture

  • Inspire everyone to do their best
  • Reward achievement with praise and pay-for-performance, and keep raising the performance goals
  • Create a work environment that is challenging, rewarding, and fun
  • Establish, communicate, and stick to clear values
[Attribution: Joyce, Nohria, and Robertson]